The activities for the young

Workshops for teenagers and workshops for young adults

From 13 to 17 years

From 18 to 25 years

« Adolescence is a very important time in life, where we can begin to understand for ourselves. If we manage to become more conscious, to see what happens to us and discover the qualities comprised in the events, then that will give us a life experience, a strength and stability of mind to better endure situations. »

Lama Jigmé Rinpoché, Live Free – Advice to teenagers

The workshops for teenagers and young adults are regularly offered at Dhagpo. They are a space created for young people, providing an occasion to better understand how emotions work, to better know one self and to live the relations with others in a constructive manner. Such a dynamic situation provides an opportunity to encounter other young people in order to nurture understanding of one’s own experience, to increase clarity, to explore one’s own inner wealth and also gives the keys to better succeed in life.