Teenage course


Each year, courses for teenagers are scheduled at Dhagpo during the school break at the Toussaint. During five days, they provide a space for sharing and experimentation alternating with teaching times, reflection and workshops. These courses allow for discovery as to how we each function, to better understand oneself, as well as to entertain any and all questions. Listening is central in the process. Numerous exercises reveal how to put accessibly into practice, the approach of the Buddha in our daily lives. And all that in a rather joyous atmosphere!


Next teenage course: October 2018

(Toussaint vacation)

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To register for the teenage course:

Before registration, a telephone interview is necessary with one of the organizers. Contact Emmanuelle Charenton at: 06 98 70 75 12


 Complete the pre-registration form – by clicking here.


 You will then receive the whole registration form to complete.


N.B.: The courses for teenagers at Dhagpo are certified by « Jeunesse et sports » Aquitaine. You can contact your CAF or CE to demand an eventual aid for the cost of the course. A certificate can be provided upon requested.

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 The theme during the week is emotions: how to understand them and maintain them as part of daily life, and to find the resources to deal with them. We will also discover the benefits of meditation which, by calming the mind, can reveal our inner wealth. As such, adolescence can become a passage for clarity and well-being.


Going further

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