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The Project

More and more individuals and associations are employing participatory financing, or crowdfunding to bring their projects to life; the Institute is no exception.
Financed solely by donations and individual loans, it is the fruit of the lasting generosity of all those who support Dhagpo Kagyu Ling.

Our bet is to finance this building collectively, by uniting the greatest number of people possible around this precious and meaningful project.

The overall cost of the project is estimated at 4.02 million Euros. Today (on September 1st, 2018), the total of the collected funds is 3.95 million Euros, 70 000€ are still needed for the Institute to be completely financed.


Interested in participating?

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«To help in the realisation of a project 
such as the Institute, is to join with everyone 
the benefits of what is to be realized.

Lama Jigmé Rinpoché

Other ways to donate:
• Recurrent donations by bank transfer
• One-time donation: by bank transfer or check

icône PDFAll infos can be found
on this generosity coupon (English).

Find here the coupon in German. 

The Internet Paypal website is 100% secured and enables you to make online payment with confidence. You can renew this operation as many times as you wish.

« I thought it was very daring to use crowdsourcing to fund the Institute. Taking part in this movement of generosity was an obvious choice! I think it’s fundamental for places where altruistic values are taught to be able to exist today. » 

Adrien B.
Physical therapist.


Donating to the Institute Means:

Supporting an institution where the Buddha’s teachings are transmitted and put into practice.

Participating in the preservation of ancient knowledge through the Dhagpo Kagyu library.

Contributing to making these altruistic values accessible to the greatest number of people possible.

Connecting with all those who wish for lasting happiness for all beings.


Le financement de l’Institut in English


Répartition de l'utilisation des fonds collectés

Répartition de l’utilisation des fonds collectés

Building Construction

3 105 594 €

78,03 %

 Finishing Work and Interiors

269 048 €

6,76 %

♦ Acquisition of texts and documents for the library

192 632 €

4,84 %

♦ Design, Technical Studies and Construction Management

187 856 €

4,72 %

♦ Communication and expenses associated with collecting the funds

116 216 €

2,92 %

♦ The reimbursement of the former loan and diverse expenses associated to the project

59 700 €

1,50 %

♦ Taxes and Insurance Obligations

48 954 €

1,23 %


3 980 000 €